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2014-10-24 16:51:25
The domestic LED chip profits continue to decline

The manufacturers have released 2012 annual report, the report shows, LED chip high gross profit era of the past.

According to an optoelectronic released annual report, in 2012 operating income 3363000000 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 92.48%; net profit however attributable to shareholders of the listing Corporation for 810000000 yuan, down 13.47% yoy. It is worth noting, operating income rose sharply, but the profits declined.

The reporters found that in its annual report, the entire industry gross margin in 2011 year-on-year decrease of 14.36 percentage points, to 25.31%. In addition to an optoelectronic chip, other companies such as BDO, Shilan micro 2012 profits fell.

It is reported, along with the application of LED technology in lighting field, in 2009 the whole industry entered a rapid development period, and is regarded as a sunrise industry, the industry is expected to 2015, LED lighting will occupy 30% of the market share of general lighting, LED lighting industry scale will reach 500000000000 Yuan, export 30000000000 U. s.dollars. LED lighting cake big attractive, good market prospects, attracting each capital swarmed into.

However, with each capital have shot, LED industry is obviously began to pile up in excess of requirement situation. An anonymous corporate representative pointed out, at present the high inventory, chip companies in general have can use half of the inventory.

Industry analysts pointed out that, in fact, in 2012 the LED market demand does not decline, but to expand its production capacity far exceeds the demand. Moreover, in the high-end lighting field of domestic manufacturers and not to too much market share, only in the low-end big price war, resulting in structural overcapacity.

Home appliance analyst Liang Zhenpeng said that the reason LED TV sales stagnation is chip demand reduction. LED chips are the main parts of LED TV, but 2012 color TV market is very bad, can't pull the upper reaches of the scale of production and sales.

It is worth noting that although sales slow, but there are still companies in the expansion, Shanghai ultra silicon semiconductor Co. Ltd. Chongqing layout LED chip project completed and put into production at the end of year 1; Taiwan EPISTAR chip leading enterprises in expanding production; crystal electric and Lite on joint venture factory in Changzhou crystal products also increased 8 LED chip production equipment to increase production.

The industry generally believe that the LED chip supply exceeds demand, profit cannot quickly improve, constantly expanding production will only result in a further decline in profits

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