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2014-10-24 16:50:38
Taiwan legislative proposal grants LED lamp, in order to revitalize consumption

According to the Taiwan administration of short-term stimulus and revitalize consumption measures, the Legislative Yuan Economic Commission yesterday temporary proposal, through the three priority: first, priority should be given to the whole island street traffic signal into LED lamp; second, subsidies clunkers subsidy row, should give priority to car for small amount of car exhaust gas; third. Priority should be given to grant significant energy conservation benefits of home appliance products, such as the LED lamp, solar water heater, refrigerator, air conditioner etc..

The new finance minister clunkers tendency cash subsidies

Administrative Institute of vehicle replacement subsidies, Minister of finance Zhang Sheng and said yesterday, the relevant plan is still under discussion, the preliminary support more cash subsidies, the Ministry of finance did not approve of mining goods tax reduction, reduction of goods tax no sense, and the repair method factor, cash subsidies comparison to have the feeling, because money into the pockets of consumers directly.

Zhang Sheng and yesterday went to the Finance Committee of the Legislative Yuan project report, DPP legislator Wu Bingrui question, the government intends to provide subsidies for the cash for clunkers, but no provision of the budget, where does the money come from? How much? Why only grants the car, use more than ten years old air conditioners, refrigerators etc. why not grant?

Zhang Sheng and said that the grant funding has not been estimated, intends to pay from the environmental protection agency and Department of transportation related funds, the domestic more than fifteen years old car very much, if more than fifteen years old car replacement subsidies, not only can save energy and reduce carbon people to buy new car also can stimulate the economy, with double effect of. As to whether the old air conditioners, refrigerators and other subsidies? He said that is still under discussion, the project pending.

Street signs replacement of power plant four years nuclear volume

But the ECE legislators believe that the government takes the lead in procurement budget, often only to digest waste, and the car is old change new, not only fat car business, so the proposed temporary proposal, subsidies for public cash for clunkers, priority should be given to grant large displacement car for small amount of exhaust gas car, and the car is mainly produced in Taiwan.

In addition, if the entire Taiwan traffic lights, signs, replacing the LED lamp can save electricity generation, will be a nuclear plant four a year; energy-saving appliances, rewarding projects should include the LED lamp, solar water heaters, water washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners, province of small hydraulic generator device, in order to achieve revitalizing the economy and energy saving and carbon reduction targets.

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